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Sex addiction, or hypersexuality, is the irrepressible urge to engage in often risky sexual behavior. Compulsive sexual urges may emerge via sex or be expressed through masturbation, pornography use, prostitution or online sexual activity.

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The emergence of dating apps and online sexual material has led to an increase in compulsive sexual behaviors. Sexual addiction can lead to strained relationships, financial issues, and feelings of shame or disgust.

Sex addicts are often embarrassed to admit their issues; however, quality sex addiction therapies can help eradicate compulsive sexual behavior and allow individuals to experience meaningful relationships.

Our rehab centres are easy to get to from various areas in the UK including Wales, Rutland and Scotland.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is when an individual experiences compulsive sexual thoughts that they cannot ignore. The desire for sexual engagement often increases over time, which may result in the sex addict seeking out dangerous avenues to receive gratification.

Most people can safely explore sexual activity without causing significant issues; however, sex addicts may find compulsive sexual behaviour adversely affecting their everyday lives.

If your sexual behaviour has led to financial issues, strained relationships with your partner, friends, family, or work problems, you may have a sex addiction that needs treatment.

Signs of Sex Addiction

If you are struggling with sex addiction, you may exhibit the following signs and symptoms:

  • Obsessive thoughts and negative emotions.

  • Excessive masturbation, use of porn, cybersex, and sex club visits.

  • Engaging with multiple sexual partners, including strangers and sex workers.

  • Having multiple affairs on your spouse.

  • Engaging in unsafe sexual behaviour that may put you in significant danger.

  • Intrusive thoughts about sex negatively impact your life.

  • Lying about your sexual urges and activity.

  • Feeling unable to control your behaviour or stop engaging in risky sexual behaviour.

  • Experiencing poor mental health conditions and feelings of shame or remorse.

If you struggle to control your sexual activity and feel your mental health is being impacted, you may want to consider seeking treatment for sex addiction.

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How is Sex Addiction Treated?

Sexual addiction treatment aims to help you control your sexual urges and handle any difficult withdrawal symptoms you may experience. The goal is not to deprive you of any sexual or intimate relationships but to ensure the relations are meaningful and safe.

Sex Addiction Therapy in

Our clinics are situated away from your home in Rutland to ensure you get the privacy your need.

There are many methods used to treat sex addiction, such as the following:

Inpatient Therapy

In some circumstances, a sex addict may need to enter a rehab facility to tackle their compulsive sexual behavior. We have experience treating all forms of addiction, including sex and drug addiction.

Our residential facility offers various inpatient treatments for obsessive sexual thoughts, including group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, medications, and one-to-one sessions.

You won't have access to potentially triggering material whilst in residence at our clinic; for example, you cant use pornography, visit strip clubs, engage with multiple partners, or engage in phone sex.

You will receive a bespoke inpatient treatment plan based on your addictive behaviour and sexual health. Our treatments help you regain control of your sexual interest and improve personal relationships.

We have luxury rehabs that offer a gym and spa with complimentary treatments, a steam room, a sauna, professional trainers, and well-being exercise classes.


Certain medications can help with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, like hypersexuality, as they lower the chemical gratification received when impulses are acted upon, such as sexual urges.

Medications, such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-androgens, can be used to treat sex addiction, as they have been proven to help with impulse control disorder.

These medications help individuals with other addictions and mental health conditions, such as substance abuse and bipolar disorder. They control the part of the brain that regulates pleasure to help lower compulsive sexual behavior.

Our medical professionals may prescribe individual or combination medications to treat sex addiction within inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment in Rutland.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are encouraged for those struggling with sex addiction as it allows individuals to share their experience with a group of understanding peers who have gone through similar battles.

Surrounding yourself with supportive peers allows you to remove the stigma of being a sex addict as you realise you are not alone. Many individuals struggle with sex addiction, and you should not feel guilty or ashamed.

Open conversation can help you learn coping skills and may put into perspective how compulsive sexual behavior damages your relationship with yourself and others.

12-step Programme

A 12-step programme, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous and Love Addicts Anonymous, can help similarly to other support groups. For those with addictive sexual behaviours, these plans allow you to develop healthy coping mechanisms to enjoy sex safely.

Behavioral addictions can be difficult to break, so local support groups often encourage abstinence for some time to support their treatment. Twelve-step plans are frequently used with a stay at a residential rehab.

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, sex addicts can use SLAA meetings for aftercare and extra support after residential treatment. If you feel you may relapse and engage in irrational sexual activities, you can find a support meeting to attend.

What are the Benefits of Sex Addiction Therapy?

There are many benefits of seeking treatment for sex addiction; these include the following:

  • It allows you to build a healthy relationship with your partner.

  • You will be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexual activities.

  • You can reclaim control of your life.

Sex Addiction Therapy in
  • You will learn coping mechanisms that will allow you to ignore obsessive thoughts.

  • Although there is no single cause, you can explore the root cause of your addiction and aim for long-term recovery.

  • You may be prescribed medication for any biochemical abnormality or mental health condition.

Many treatment options will help to improve your daily life and tackle any relevant mental disorders.

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Inpatient rehab is available for sex addiction. We recommend going to a clinic away from your hometown in Rutland for maximum privacy.

What are the Costs of Sex Addiction Rehab?

The average cost of a 28-day stay at a sex addiction rehab is £6,950 to £11,950. However, many factors will impact the accurate cost of sex treatment; these include:

  • The severity of your addiction.

  • If you have any mental health conditions that need treating.

  • Any medications prescribed.

  • The treatment programme you choose.

  • The therapies used.

For a free, no-obligation quotation, contact our team of sex addiction experts today.

What are the Risks of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction often has negative consequences that may impact the individual's life and relationships. These include:

Sex Addiction Therapy in
  • You may experience emotional distance between yourself and your loved ones.

  • You may struggle with your mental health.

  • You may contract STIs, such as HIV.

  • You may have an unwanted pregnancy.

  • You may engage in unlawful activity, such as prostitution or voyeurism.

  • You may experience financial difficulties.

The consequences of sex addiction can be extremely detrimental; you should consider seeking treatment if you face any difficulties due to your sex addiction.

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Our rehab centre near you in Rutland can help you face your demons like other forms of addiction are treated.

Recovering from Sex and Love Addiction 

Recovering from sex addiction is not always straightforward; however, with support and guidance, you can control your sexual urges and lead a life with meaningful relationships and no risk.

Speaking with a trusted family member about difficulties or regularly attending a support group can help maintain your recovery. You should also avoid known triggers, such as loneliness, by surrounding yourself with loved ones who support you.

Many addicts exercise to keep themselves mentally and physically well; for example, tai chi is a popular sport to improve your mental health and physical fitness.


What Causes Sex Addiction?

There are many plausible causes of sex addiction; however, there is no definitive answer. Some believe addicts are the product of dysfunctional families, whereas others believe it is an extension of other mental health conditions.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not include sex addiction in their journal, making it difficult to diagnose. The American Psychiatric Association has rejected many diagnoses of sex addiction as well.

Sex Addiction Therapy in

Despite this, some research points have acknowledged a chemical imbalance in addicts, which could highlight a plausible cause.

What Are The Different Types of Sexual Addictions?

There are many different types of sexual addiction, such as:

  • Fantasy

  • Seductive role

  • Voyeuristic

  • Exhibitionist

  • Paying for sex

  • Trading

  • Intrusive

  • Anonymous

  • Pain exchange

  • Exploitative

We have plenty of experience treating sexual addiction. If you or a loved one need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

How Common is Sex Addiction?

Peer-reviewed studies have suggested that around 3 to 5% of the UK adult population have sex addictions.

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If you are struggling, you may want to consider our confidential rehabilitation services; our experienced staff have helped many individuals recover. Our caring, affordable, and convenient in-person counselling can help you be successful.

For information on how to check in to our centres near you in Rutland please contact our team.


Sex addiction can seriously impact your life like other addictions; it can ruin relationships, finances, and your physical and mental health.

Our rehab facility allows patients to progress and detox in a safe and secure environment. We offer quality treatments and therapies, such as CBT and support groups, to allow individuals to work through their issues and identify triggers.

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Contact our team of addiction experts to start your recovery journey; you can choose between in-person and online counseling. For example, you can access therapies from your phone or even Skype.

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